Sunday, May 8, 2011

New Revenue Sharing Site - Publishers Vault

A new revenue sharing site has recently hit the scenes offering an 75/25 split for article writers. With a Professional look and feel to it Publishers' Vault is quickly rising in the ranks. As far as most revenue sharing sites go Publishers Vault has high standards such as 400 word minimum, and strong stance against overly promotional articles.

Original and quality content is expected, and understandably so since the the site motto is "Where the Best Information Is Kept". A motto that holds true regarding the content found on Publishers Vault. The main focus of this revenue sharing site is on music, travel, and literature articles. While articles on other subjects are welcome, the largest amounts of traffic will most likely be connected with the sites main themes.

For a relatively new revenue sharing site, articles from Publishers' Vault has began to hold their weight in many SERP's. The average rankings are climbing steadily and the site itself is gaining more authority daily. It comes as no surprise though, since such a high standard has been set on the quality and content of the articles submitted.

If you are looking for a professional revenue sharing site to place your articles on then Publishers' Vault might be just the place. Anyone who takes pride in their work is welcome so check it out.

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