Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gmail App Not Syncing?

How To

Gmail not syncing? If you’re like me then you have spent hours and even weeks looking for a solution to the Android Gmail app sync problem. I might have found a possible solution that has worked for me so far at least. So don’t jump off the nearest bridge yet.

Just as thousands of others have done I tried everything I could find. Restarts, sync settings, power widget and on and on…
nothing seemed to fix the problem. I saw people saying that the Gmail app worked on friend’s phones but not theirs so I thought about what might be different.

I then realized I don’t use Gtalk so I would always force stop that app to save a little battery.  When I was in my Gmail on my pc the other day when I saw the Gmail chat box and realized that the Gtalk and Gmail apps might somehow be linked in my Android phone. After this I turned Gtalk on and next thing I knew my Gmails have been syncing ever since.  
Could this be the cause of the Gmail app sync problem with Android phones? Possibly since Gtalk is something one person
might have on while another force closes it to save battery. All I know is my Gmails now sync for both my Gmail accounts and I prefer that over a little extra battery life.

Let me know if this has helped you out. =]


Anonymous said...

Seems to be working for me as well. Thanks a million!

Anonymous said...

Worked for me too. I had used Titanium Backup to freeze Google Talk. As soon as I defrosted it and ran it to get the background service going, my email synced.