Sunday, January 16, 2011

Express Yourself

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Numerous times throughout my life I have been told that I should write. A journal, on a page, on a didn't matter as long as I wrote something. Advice that I often nodded my head at while my eyes glazed over. The thing is I knew it was good advice. I found there is a certain freedom to be had within writing that provides a great way to express myself and allow my creativity to flow. As for relieving stress writing seems to let me unburden myself one paragraph at a time.

Music is my true passion though. Writing music, making music, playing music, listening to music, and on and on the list goes as I float away on a sweet melody. Coming back from the music induced stupor I realize that very few things send me on such a roller coaster of emotions in such a short time. The worlds I can explore, the mountains I can climb, the depths I can feel...
all with a few notes. For me making music is my purest form of expression provides me with some of the only times I feel truly free. The most wonderful thing of all about music is the ability to share those thoughts, feelings, and profound emotions with others as you take them on a journey through a universe of sound. A gift that never ceases.

Music and writing are two of my outlets for expressing myself as you can now see. Everyone has different forms of expression though. This is what makes us all truly unique. Whatever your passion may be you will always be happier when you Express Yourself. =]

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