Monday, January 17, 2011

A Long Day

(Please feel free to play "Mellow" from the playlist on the right while you read)
What a long day this has been for me. Creating a social profile can be a daunting task. I now know what people mean when they say it involves much hard work. I have accomplished many things today although for every task finished two more rush in to take its place. Tweak a setting here, fill in a form there, all while researching how-to set up this or that. I'm surprised the Google server hasn't crashed yet from all of my searches. Tedious? Yes. I still enjoy it though, despite the mental exhaustion. Solving problems and fixing things has always been fun for me..
that is unless I cant fix what I set out to do.

During all this endless typing and clicking a song kept repeating in my head. A flamenco song. Cafe de Chinatas to be exact. The melody added a nice flow to my workload and had me in a good rhythm. Amazing how music can help work seem so much less like work and then relax you when your done. Here are some more ways I relax.

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