Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Trolls And Trolling

Everyone that has been on the Internet long enough has come across a troll. Trolling is a hobby for some people. Trolls come in many different varieties and personalities. If you are unfamiliar with trolls I will explain a bit about them.

When someone is referred to as a troll online it is because of their interactions with others. A troll likes to cause as much irritation as possible. The goal of trolling is to upset other people and really get under their skin. This is what trolls will feed on.

Some breeds of troll love negative attention. They thrive off of making others angry and act uncivilized. Other trolls will just argue with someone for the sake of arguing and then call the person names or "flame them". These trolls love making references to peoples mothers and seem to be the most mentally challenged of the species.

There are also "expert" trolls as well who think they know everything and argue with everyone. They have a very high perception of their intelligence to the point where they truly believe they are smarter than anyone else. These expert trolls tend to be the most opinionated and ignorant of the bunch.

You also have the bitter complaining trolls who whine about everything. They are perpetual victims yet get very aggressive and violent if they are challenged. Give them $100 and they will complain it is not $1k.

Spam trolls will fill a chat or forum with gibberish and completely disrupt any decent conversations going on. These trolls are starved for attention and often the most immature of the troll family. Usually this is done by teens and pre-teens. Their actions do make them look to be around 7 or 8 years old.

Many more troll species exist and can be found lurking in forums and games, pretty much anywhere there is a large online community. The one thing they all have in common is they crave attention and like to make people lose their tempers.

Since these trolls work so hard for their attention I have started making special awards just for them to show how much we all care. You can suggest an award or use one of the existing ones to award your favorite troll for their efforts. Check it out. There is even a short story!

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