Sunday, April 10, 2011

She Told Me Review

She told me is a site where you can add links or publish storys. It is a revenue sharing site, meaning you enter your Adsense id in the account setup and you will get a share of the ad revenue generated. Most revenue sharing sites operate a bit differently.

For She Told Me you get 100% revenue with an ad placed by your article. The way this works is an ad containing your adsense id is displayed everytime someone reads your article or link. I have not seen this method used on other article sharing sites so far as their approach to revenue sharing tends to be a bit different.

The links you enter are all do-follow so this site can be a great resource for backlinking your articles. As of right now they have a PR of 5 so the backlinks hold a bit of weight as well.  The site is definately worth looking into if you wish to increase your backlinks or even write small articles.

SheToldMe. Or you can take a look at my Hubpage's review as well.

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